What to Expect

Once you request a quote online with us you’ll receive a no-hassle estimate b email or call from the certified iReuse Hauling Company in your area. Our Certified iReuse Haulers are Blue Sky Shipping in the Sand Francisco Bay Area and College Hunks Hauling Junk in Washington D.C. The certified hauler will discuss details, rates, scheduling and any other questions you might have.

Final Quote & Loading

Garage too full of junk and your car won’t fit? iReuse Hauling can help. Got a big, heavy dresser upstairs that’s too much for you to handle? iReuse Hauling can remove junk of almost any size. Have new furniture and need to get rid of your old furniture? iReuse Hauling can help. iReuse Hauling can do the work for you, move the heavy furniture down your stairs, remove your junk and find it a new home.

Recycling and Donation

We will reuse as many of your items as possible, and all donation receipts that we are able to acquire on your behalf will be mailed to you. We also offer waste diversion reporting for our commercial clients looking for diverted tonnage for and carbon equivalent offsets for LEED certification and peace of mind. Because iReuse Hauling uses this sustainable, responsible process of removing your “junk”, we have had the privilege of many 100% reused projects!  The Dump is our Last Resort!

What Our Customers Are Saying

iReuse Hauling sets the highest eco standards for our certified haulers

After you’ve submit a quote request, you’ll receive an email or call to with a no-hassle estimate

iReuse Hauling Reuses and Recycles your junk – we average over 70% landfill diversion and continually strive toward increased landfill diversion

All donation receipts that we are able to acquire on your behalf will be mailed to you

The Dump is our Last Resort!